November 18, 2013

In the beginning
The Creator made all things.
The Earth was barren and dark, until the Creator brought light
and all manner of life including human beings to live there.
The Creator provided all that humans needed to be healthy and happy.

In return, little was asked of the first humans:

To do no harm to anything the Creator had made.
To never to eat of the tree that gave knowledge of good and evil.
To care for what they had been given,
including the garden home called Eden.

But humans ate of the forbidden tree.
The Creator had to send them out of Eden
because they were now capable of breaking the first law:
“Do No Harm”
and because within the garden there was also:
The Tree of Eternal Life.
Anyone eating from the forbidden tree would live forever,
insensitive to doing harm and evil to others and to their world.

But the Creator loved humans,
and gave them a chance to redeem themselves
by taking good care of the Creator’s world, including one another.

Some became gardeners who raised their own food,
lived in love and peace, had no weapons, just farm tools.

But there were others who did not garden
yet took what was not theirs,
destroying life and peace, killing or enslaving other humans.
These people did not respect, take good care of, or appreciate their world.
They disregarded the terrible ongoing consequences of their actions
choosing to ignore the Creator’s rules and Eden.

We are all enriched by the presence of plants
that produce good things, such as food, medicine, and oxygen.
One does not need much land or space, a tiny apartment might do,
to raise and learn from plants, directly and indirectly.

Without returning to an appreciation of gardening,
and to being good shepherds of the planet we live upon,
there can be no world peace and understanding among people.
Gardening, compassion, nurturing and sharing
are powerful ways to world peace and understanding.

There is a thread of wisdom that weaves its way
through all of the great belief systems of our planet, from the beginning of time.
It is that thread we follow.

Join us in love, peace, wisdom and friendship.
Learn and feast with us on healthy renewable resources.
Learn about using food as medicine, and medicine as food.
Accept the gifts we offer with love and friendship (there is no fee).
As you learn, consider sharing this joy with others.

“Pay it forward.” “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”   Margaret Mead

Make love, not war
War is not healthy for any living thing, including planet earth

Let’s return to Eden!

Coming Events at RBAF Headquarters

Gardening Spiritually
Make Lve, not War in the Garden
Docent Guided Tour of Foundation Gardens
GNH vs. GNP: New standards for health and happiness.
Learning to see, picture and record ordinary garden miracles.
Experience the magic of fresh organic produce: raw, cooked, preserved.
Create Your Own Eden Anywhere: Ancient gardening wisdom for success.
Dinner with the fascinating film: “What Plants Talk About”, discussion following.
“When the tide is out, the table is set”: Guided beach walk, food gathering, dining.